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Strynoe Farewell


Last days I'm awakening early and finishing my work late, outside work mainly. Then, I have the privilege of watching the beautiful daybreak skies and sunsets of Strynoe. You already know how nice they are.
I drive John's old tractor, slower than a bike, and I have time to leave my mind free, and just enjoy the surrounding. And I think: "It's very nice, isn't it?" But then I mix these views with my experiences with the people of the island, and then grows inside me a big emotion.
I absolutely need to say thanks to all the people of Strynoe, all the people I've met, and especially to Lise and John, my new family in Denmark, if they allow me to say.
But basically I keep a general good feeling from all the people. I'm a stranger here, from a different country and somehow like a "wet back".
But here I received help and hospitality, in the diners and diverse meetings I shared with this community. Smiles and shaking hands, and some shy but very nice hugs, made me feel a little piece of this great family of Strynoe. Thanks for this.
I'm really grateful to Paul, who gave me the opportunity of coming here, and has helped me always I needed, and sometimes even more.
To Per, also, who generously opened the doors of his house to me, because he looked at my eyes and he trusted me, just because he's a honest and right man, and he trust in good eyes.
To Mette, who gave me my first dance on the island, and showed me the secrets of making apple juice, and gave me lots of information about organic farming, which is my main interest. And also gave me the contact of an organic farmer, who will offer me my next job. I'm very grateful for this.
To Martin, very nice person, who gave me very nice hughs.
To Stinna and Torben, with who I've share sweet tea, sweet chocolates and sweet moments in our spanish and danish lessons. And also we learned a litle bit more of each languages!;-)
To Arne, who helped me with some technical matters, and I would like, some day, give him some help back.
To Susanne, my teacher in some farm works, and a very sweet and nice woman, easy to talk to, and sometimes it was quiet helping for me. To Erik, her husband, for his great party.
To Peter, who I consider my friend.
To my Bodil and Thor, my goddess and god, fo being so sweet, and for that absolutely amazing diner.
To Sara, always very kind with me, even I required her attention many times, and for her nice hello and goodbye.
To Lars, who guided me in running matters.
To Ole (in Rudkoebing), the bike shop owner, with who I spent little moments full of good mood, and helped me very much with "my Paul's bike".
To Niels Erik, my particular "taxi driver".
To the workers of the ferry, who let me make my photographic experiments in the ship, even how much weird it were.
To all the other people I know but can't remember your names. I swear I remember your face and your mood. Thanks, too.

Guillem i salatbedet

There are three things that I like very much to practise, running, diving and photography. They allow me to discover this island by many ways. I liked to visit new places each time I went running, it was a healthy and interesting way, and also practical, to make tourism. And running here is delightful: empty roads, fresh and clean air (here the organic farming shows its benefits again), flat surface, calm and quiet, nice landscapes, and sometimes popular marathons. I'm proud I participate in the first one!
I didn't dive very much, because of the cold of the water, but I swam two times to Strynoe Kalv and dive some more, so I could discover a little bit of the sub-aquatic life of Oehavets, touching the shrimps, taking some fish with my hands (yes, true!), and wondering about which animal is who make that little craters in the sand, they are everywhere.
And with photography I enjoyed very much, but not enough, I think I would spent one month or two more, just taking pictures. There were many targets for my camera: Old and nice houses, tiny paths, glorious ships, the old windmill, warm colorful sunsets, the wild life, like big mushrooms, shy lizards or huge amounts of birds, the church, the lake, and people, some friendly models, just models of friendship.
I hope you feel good reading this letter, if I achieve that just for a second, I would be happy and satisfied, because that's my intention, my way of saying thanks to everybody for everything, for my loving stay here.
Grcies i fins prompte.

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